Beyond The Test

Maria* and Juan* were both in high school and had been dating for a while, when they suspected Maria might be pregnant. The couple came to LO for a pregnancy test, which confirmed they were indeed expecting a baby. Although this … Continued

Refreshing Joy

Lucy* and Jaden* walked in to Life Options requesting a pregnancy test. They sat together on the couch as consultant Angela* reviewed the forms with them and began with some questions. When the time came to take the pregnancy test, … Continued

Timing Is Everything

Time. It’s the one thing that waits for no one. It holds the power to cause stress and the power to create peace. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. And every bit of it is a gift. I … Continued

Thank You, Volunteers!

What does it take to run a thriving pregnancy center ministry? More than you might think! We recently held an appreciation dinner for our many faithful center volunteers, and when I pulled the list, do you know how many we … Continued

Worth Celebrating

At LO, we meet many women and men facing unexpected pregnancies, which can be a bit difficult day after day. But we do, on occasion, meet couples who want to be pregnant and are excited when that test shows positive: … Continued

Pro-Life Advances

We’ve all seen the topic of abortion streaming across social media, and I know we’ve all been horrified by some of the laws that have been passed recently. It’s easy to get pulled into despair when the task at hand … Continued

Transformed Lives

It was just another day at Life Options, staff were keeping up on the tasks at hand and ready to serve at any moment, when Rosalinda* walked in. Rosalinda had come to Life Options 5 years earlier with her first pregnancy, … Continued

Charitable Giving

I’m sure most of you are aware of this year’s tax law changes which will affect charitable giving. I’m not going to pretend that I understand all the details surrounding this change, although I have researched it. Personally, I donate … Continued

Positive Experiences

Positive experiences are important!  Think about the last restaurant you went to. Was the food worth what you paid for it? Did they have good service? How was their location? If your responses to these questions are all positive, you’re … Continued

Equipped For Life

Denise* first came to us for a pregnancy test. Denise met with our consultant Rose* and initially admitted to feeling excited about the possibility of being pregnant. Her excitement soon changed to despair, however, as Denise shared that she and … Continued