Client Testimonials from our centers:


“They were really friendly and easy to talk to, I had a perfect visit.”

“People here make you feel welcomed and they’re not judgmental.”

“They make me feel like family”

“I liked that I was very comfortable & able to speak to the nurse about any concerns and that she was very helpful.  I had a very excellent & comfortable visit.”

“Friendly staff, they answer my questions in a friendly, professional way, I felt comfortable.”



Group Of Teenage Pupils Outside Classroom


Student Testimonials from our school presentations:


“The information over everything is valuable.  I will hold all of it close to my heart.” 9th grade girl

“It was mind blowing and very informational and I will never forget this experience”. 9th grade boy

“I learned a lot about boundaries and being a good friend in friendships and respecting each other. it helped me understand a lot more and it did help with decisions.”  7th grade girl

“Most valuable to me was when she said to think about what kind of life I really want.  I’d rather wait for sex until I’m married.” 12th grade boy

“The presentation gave me more knowledge about how to handle a situation, make better choices, how to say no, and helped me wait till marriage to have sex.” 8th grade girl