Powerful Words

1920x1280 pics to download (4)As long as Life Options has been here, we’ve relied on the personal connections made during appointments to help people find direction and dignity in their lives. For the first time in 34 years, those in-person appointments are temporarily unavailable. We have closed our doors to walk-ins, but we’ve worked hard to develop our skills to offer phone counseling and video chats. On March 30, we launched virtual appointments and free pregnancy test pick-up packets. This is uncharted territory, but God goes before us and so we’ve stepped out in faith.

One day during this time, the phone rang, and nurse Janice* answered the call. On the other end of the line, Camilla* asked if she could schedule an ultrasound appointment. Janice had to explain that because of the current situation, we were unable to offer an ultrasound. Camilla was disappointed, but continued to visit over the phone, telling us she’d taken a home pregnancy test which showed positive. Camilla worried about people finding out she was pregnant, especially within her church. She told Janice she wanted to have an abortion so that nobody would ever find out. Janice asked if Camilla had any support from her family or friends, and Camilla admitted that her boyfriend knew she was pregnant and hoped she wouldn’t get an abortion. Camilla said he would be supportive and help with the baby, but she still worried about her reputation and the example she would be setting.

With permission, Janice shared information about adoption over the phone. Camilla just couldn’t imagine carrying a baby for 9 months and then having to place him/her for adoption; plus, she still focused on the fact that people would know she was pregnant.

At one point in the conversation, Camilla stated “I just wanted to get an ultrasound so I could see if the baby had a heartbeat or not.” Janice offered information regarding fetal development. She told Camilla that at conception the baby already has everything it needs to survive; it just needs time to develop. She also told her that at just 21 days the baby’s heart is already beating. Camilla became quiet, then asked “Does this mean the baby already has life?” “Yes”, Janice replied.

Camilla continued to question abortion procedures, so Janice read information regarding abortion during various stages of a pregnancy. As she described the procedures, Janice could hear Camilla crying on the other end. Janice asked if she could pray with Camilla…so together, on the phone they prayed that God would guide Camilla in her decision.

Janice kindly asked Camilla if she could send some information in the mail, so that Camilla could read it when she was ready. Camilla was grateful for the offer and provided her address. Janice encouraged Camilla to review the brochures on fetal development, abortion risks and alternative options with her boyfriend before making any quick decisions, and to call back if they had any questions.

That day, those words were powerful and used by God!

We’re praising God for opportunities in this season of uncertainty to dig deep and serve with all we’ve got!

*Names changed for confidentiality


One response to “Powerful Words

  1. Dear Father God,
    I pray for Camilla to choose life for herself & for the baby developing inside of her. Not only is this baby fearfully & wonderfully made, but so is Camilla. Surround her with supportive people. And may she truly realize how much You love her.
    In Jesus’ name, Amen

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