Refreshing Joy

1920x1280 pics to downloadLucy* and Jaden* walked in to Life Options requesting a pregnancy test. They sat together on the couch as consultant Angela* reviewed the forms with them and began with some questions. When the time came to take the pregnancy test, Lucy watched closely as two small lines appeared on her test. It’s required to wait a full 3 minutes before reading the results, but it was clear she was pregnant long before the timer beeped. Lucy expressed her excitement along with Jaden as they talked about how they both have helped raise their own younger siblings, and how raising their own baby would be so special.

Lucy and Jaden agreed that they had talked about marriage a little, but nothing was concrete yet. Jaden admitted that this positive pregnancy test made him want to marry Lucy even more, so that they could be a family together. Jaden shared that he grew up without a dad, and basically took on that role as he helped his mother raise his younger siblings.
He knew how hard raising a child could be. However, every time Jaden talked about his baby, his eyes lit up with joy! It was clear that he was ready to take on the role of being a dad. Lucy agreed that raising a baby is a lot of work and can be challenging, but she also knew how rewarding it would be.

Angela asked if they could talk about spiritual beliefs, which both agreed to. They talked about heaven, Jesus and what it all meant to them. Lucy was honest in saying that she believed there is a heaven, but she didn’t know how people get there. When asked who Jesus was to her, Lucy simply stated “I don’t know.” The couple listened intently as Angela shared the Gospel with them, and they both asked questions throughout the discussion. Neither of them felt ready to accept Jesus as their Savior right then, but both were willing to take some brochures and think about it.

IMG_4255They were offered parenting classes, along with fatherhood classes for Jaden, and the couple was very interested in participating in both. They scheduled an appointment to return for an ultrasound, and left joyful with expectation.

I just want to pause, and appreciate this moment. So often, at Life Options, we meet women & men who don’t want to be pregnant, and who are considering the most desperate measures to make it go away.

But that day, with Lucy & Jaden, happiness filled the room. We celebrate days like that, to see parents – not necessarily planning to be moms and dads – but willing and excited to take on that precious responsibility.

“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.” Psalm 19:8a

May your heart be refreshed with JOY for LIFE!


*Names changed for confidentiality.


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