The Value of Education



Information is valuable.

Cindy* walked into our center requesting an ultrasound. In her hand, was a positive pregnancy test verification document from Planned Parenthood. I bet you’re wondering if you read that right; yes, she was referred to Life Options by Planned Parenthood.

Cindy was under the care of her doctor for some health concerns. She felt especially uneasy about her pregnancysince her doctor had advised her not to get pregnant while waiting for some medical test results.

This left Cindy feeling desperate. Fearing her baby might have birth defects, she sought help at a local Planned Parenthood. When she arrived at their office, she was not asked any health questions or counseled on her options. She was told to get an ultrasound so they could proceed with an abortion. That’s where we came in.

When Cindy arrived at Life Options, she was very distraught. Nurse Darcy* began talking with her, and Cindy shared that she didn’t want to have an abortion but felt it was her only choice. Darcy asked what concerns Cindy had. They discussed her health issues and how they might affect her pregnancy. Cindy was advised to talk with her doctor regarding the pregnancy before making any quick decisions. When asked if she knew how abortion procedures are executed, Cindy had no idea. Darcy took the time to explain the process and possible risks involved in an abortion. Cindy became emotional and said, “Fear will make you do things without thinking.”

I’ve never heard a truer statement.

Cindy was grateful for the time and information we shared with her. She then made an appointment with her doctor right away. Later, when Darcy called to see how Cindy was doing, Cindy shared that she was ok and receiving help from her family with this “surprise.” Cindy also thanked us for checking up on her.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can drive our choices down a dangerous path. Cindy’s immediate reaction was to find a quick solution which, unfortunately, would lead her to a place where her choice = financial profit for Planned Parenthood. But in God’s goodness, He directed her to Life Options where she could be educated and cared for. We could not guarantee that everything would be perfect, but at least she knew hope was possible.

*Names changed for confidentiality

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