God at work

picture1Candace* came in the front door of our Sunnyside office sobbing in Spanish, clutching a sonogram picture in her hand.  Even Alex,* our bilingual receptionist, was having a hard time understanding her.  Alex gently led her to the back office and grabbed the nurse. Candace was clearly emotional and afraid.

“I’m pregnant and I can’t have this baby!” she cried.Her shoulders were shaking as she related her story which was something like this: She went to an emergency room with abdominal pain. A sonogram revealed a tiny baby. The ER had completed some screening to make sure the pain wasn’t caused by some hidden STI. Candace has a couple of grade-school children, whose dad turned them against her.  His lies caused her children to hate her and they then moved in with their dad. Her children even told their teachers that mom was abusive, and she was investigated. Even though the charges were false and dropped, the whole process was horrid.

Candace felt like a failure as a parent. The more she shared her experiences, the more fear she felt.  Alex said Candace was almost in a panic and unable to reason through any other solution but terminating the pregnancy.

We gave her another pregnancy test as a means to continue ministering to her–which was positive. Candace didn’t want a sonogram. As the nurse, Alex and Candace all prayed together, a fresh flow of tears were present. Although her fear seemed to dissipate, the tears were those of sadness and hopelessness over her situation.

Candace felt that Jesus would forgive her for terminating her pregnancy and He knew she couldn’t handle it.  She didn’t want her current boyfriend to know about her pregnancy even though she thought he would support it.

The nurse shared the risks of terminating with Candace and told her to be sure to get the results of her STI tests before she terminated, if that was her choice.  Having an STI at the same time could make the procedure even riskier.
She was encouraged to come back to talk anytime as well, no matter what her decision.

Candace left. We prayed and waited…and waited…

About six weeks later, Candace came to our Grandview office where Alex just happened to be working that day. Candace motioned to Alex so they could talk privately.  “By the time I went back to the doctor to get my STI results…well, I’m too late, the baby’s too big…I can’t kill it. Can I take parenting classes? I think they will help.”  We learned that day that the doctor she had been seeing for all of her medical visits is a doctor whom we all know and love who is on LOs’ medical referral list.

Candace came for classes all through her pregnancy, and just a few weeks ago, had a beautiful baby girl.

I so enjoy watching the hand of God at work here. I am not surprised when we see miracles that only He could orchestrate, but I am always amazed at how He does it.

Thank you to each one of you who has prayed and helped provide resources for LO to serve Candace & so many others. You are appreciated!


*Names changed for confidentiality.


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