Make your 2017 the best ever!

best-year-everAs 2016 comes to a close, we often take some time to reflect on the past year, the good, the bad, and what we accomplished. And then we look ahead to 2017, set goals, and dream of what it might hold. What if I told you that part of making 2017 the best year EVER could be volunteering at LO?

As a LO volunteer since 2012, can I share with you some of the impact that volunteering has had on my life? I came here to serve, help other people, save babies. But it has been so much more.

First, I became a consultant. Serving in that capacity taught me how to truly love without judging; to look beyond circumstances and offer hope. I never realized until then how absolutely incredible it could be to have
 the Holy Spirit work through me when it mattered most.
It is a joy incomparable to lead a woman to Christ, and to later hold her baby that you know you had a part in saving.

Then, I got to help with other things too. Pulled out the glue stick to seal letters, and I knew that I was helping the paid staff not get stuck on "busywork". Organized the boutique, and I knew it helped precious mommies and babies. Went on the Mobile Unit, and I knew that I was going to "Samaria" to the unreached. Baked cookies for the 180 after-school clubs, and I knew that those children would feel loved. Shared with my church about LO events, and I got to see people donate and participate who might never even have known about LO otherwise.

Even something super scary, like talking about abstinence and sex to a room full of high-school students, was so amazing.
 It was WAY beyond my comfort zone. But again, I got to let God say His words through me. And then to read a comment like this from a student?: “It was a very eye opening experience. I have goals set for myself and my future. To not jeopardize these goals, I choose abstinence. I will wait for marriage, because giving your virginity to your spouse is a precious gift."

Volunteering here has grown me, stretched me, and brought incredible rewards that will last for eternity. It's drawn me closer to God and taught me to depend on Him. I've become more confident, compassionate, and willing to talk about hard things. It has brought me so much joy. Lives have been transformed, including mine!

Can you imagine what it might do in your life? Now I'm asking you, would you consider making volunteering at LO one of your 2017 goals? There are so many ways you can be involved. Any level of time commitment. Within your comfort zone and outside of it (I have to say, the ones outside of it are WAY more fun!).

Cheerful group of volunteers putting hands together on white background

I challenge you to pray about it. Ask God what He might want you to do. Learn more about the different ways you can volunteer HERE. Call Lydia, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 509-882-1899 and ask her any questions you have.

Here's to an amazing, joy-filled 2017 for you and your family! May it be a year of watching God at work and participating with Him!

Happy New Year!

~Andrea Donaldson, Executive Coordinator

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