2019 Wins

76 babies’ lives were saved. 87 moms met their babies through ultrasound. 176 people heard the Gospel, and 65 people made a profession of faith or rededicated their life. 100 people received STD education and testing, and God provided solutions … Continued


Sometimes there are situations or conversations in life that trigger specific experiences and emotions. The tricky thing is, other people don’t know what those triggers are! Every week we have women & men who meet with Jr. High students after … Continued

2018 Wins

100 babies’ lives were saved. 130 parents met their babies through ultrasound. 207 people heard the Gospel. 122 people received STD education and testing, and we implemented REAL Essentials curriculum in-center, better equipping us to discuss sexual integrity and healthy … Continued

LO Mission – Regardless of Roe

With President Trump’s recent pick of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, some questions regarding the nomination revolve around abortion. As a life-affirming ministry, we believe a Supreme Court shift toward defending innocent life is a major step forward, … Continued

2017 Wins

Offering an abortion pill reversal referral program through local doctors. Launched Greater Than>Sex presentations, AWARE presentations tailored to church youth groups. Switched the company that manages our Google AdWords, which included a full website review and update creating more exposure. … Continued

Random Blessings

So often we don’t know how lives turn out for our patients. But, sometimes, we do. I would love to share with you two updates of lives who were directly impacted by you and LO. When Dolores* was pregnant with … Continued

Become A Community Ambassador

You don’t have to be an in-center volunteer who assists women who are considering termination, nor do you have to give a presentation in front of your church.  You can tell people you know about the great organization that you … Continued

Prayer and Love

Dorothea* was struggling to make eye contact with our receptionist. “I want information about…I’m pregnant and…well, I can’t have this baby…I want to…where can I go for an…ummm…to…umm…get rid of it?” She just couldn’t say the word. The receptionist gently … Continued

Walk for Life 2017

  Our Walk for Life on April 22, 2017, was fabulous!  Thank you to all of our walkers, sponsors, church liaisons, underwriters, and prayer warriors that made this possible!  With your help, we raised nearly $40,000 for LIFE!!!  

From WA to Nicaragua

Last year, we had the opportunity to share some of our materials & teaching tools that we use in AWARE (presentations on healthy relationships & sexual integrity) with a group down in Nicaragua. The power of these truths & the … Continued