Past Trauma


Juana* had experienced hurt in her life that could not be undone, and found herself facing another hard decision that was all too familiar. Juana came to Life Options requesting a pregnancy test, which the nurse read as positive. Juana became very saddened by her results because having a baby right now just wasn’t good news. As she talked with our nurse, she said “I would not go through another abortion.” She began to cry and told Wendy*, our nurse, about the traumatic abortion she experienced at a very young age. She explained, “I was so young, and it was something I needed to do.” Our nurse offered to hold her hand as she became visibly shaken by the reminder of her past choices. Juana admitted she had not received closure from this experience and was offered our post-abortion care.

As they talked about her options, Juana became more interested in adoption. Her boyfriend did not know she was pregnant.  Juana did not elaborate on their relationship but asked if she could choose adoption alone or if she had to make that decision with the baby’s dad. She was advised of the legal issues and was encouraged to talk to her boyfriend. She went on by asking, “Do I have to make a decision right now?” “No,” nurse Wendy replied, “You can take some information home and think about it.” Juana was given contact information for adoption agencies who could provide her with answers to her questions, along with an invitation to come back anytime she needed to talk.

She felt a sense of urgency to decide right away, which would lead most women in her situation to consider abortion; however, Juana’s memory of her past abortion haunted her deeply, causing even more strain on this decision.

Juana left with adoption information in-hand and an ultrasound appointment scheduled. The outcome of her decision is yet to come…we will keep her in prayer and share an update with you as we’re able to.

What I want to leave you with is this: Without Life Options, where would she have gone? I shudder at the thought of what advice she might have received elsewhere and praise God that she found us first!

These conversations are difficult to have, but I can assure you our nurse poured out the love of Jesus on Juana that day.  We are blessed to be givers of hope. Praying God will empower her to choose life!


* Names have been changed.


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