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Everything in the digital world changes so fast! I remember my first experience with social media; it was called Myspace. I was so excited to set up my personal place online to show pictures and connect with my friends, but as quickly as I became familiar with it and how to use it – it was over. I soon realized I was already behind the trend when my sister asked if I was on Facebook … to which I replied, “What’s Facebook?”

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Just about the time you figure something out, it changes.

With the recent outpouring of support to expand Life Options’ presence on social media, I have been fully submerged in learning more than I can possibly understand about the tech world. I’m sure by the time I do understand it, it will change – but I am doing my best!

Because of the generous support of so many who have provided funds to pursue this new opportunity, I am excited to announce that our plan is to launch Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ad campaigns this fall. Please join us in praying that this will be an effective tool in reaching more clients who need our services.

I’ve been in contact with some impressive marketing agencies that specialize in pregnancy center advertising, and I can’t wait to get started. They’ve been patient in answering my questions while providing excellent advice in moving forward.

This generation lives online so we HAVE to meet them there! Our hope is to reach more at-risk women and men so we can connect with them.

I have become newly reminded of the different gifts God grants each one of us. I am thankful for the younger adults who give of their talents to help further God’s kingdom. They have so many options for utilizing their knowledge and understanding of technology. I’ve been privileged to meet some who have chosen to work for organizations that promote LIFE – PRAISE GOD FOR THEM!

I write this expectantly as we anticipate what God will do through this new venture.


Together, for God’s glory,




Melanie Smeenk, CEO


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