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When couples don’t agree on their pregnancy decisions it can create added stress in the relationship. This was true for Cole and Katie.

Cole and Katie came to Life Options requesting an abortion, but it became evident they weren’t in agreement. Katie told our nurse that she bought a pregnancy test from the Dollar Store which revealed a positive result and that she wanted an abortion. Our nurse explained our services and informed them that we do not provide abortion services but offered to share some information about the different procedures and risks. When Cole was asked what his feelings were about the pregnancy, he said he did not want Katie to get an abortion. He became sad as he talked about his desire for her to keep their baby because he loved her and didn’t want to see her go through an abortion. He also expressed his disappointment that he had very little say in the matter, acknowledging that it was her choice.

Our nurse reviewed brochures with the couple regarding abortion, pregnancy, fetal development, and adoption. While they looked at the tiny fetal models, Cole simply said “They have everything.”

Katie took a second pregnancy test at our center and was glad to see a negative result.

Initially, Katie and Cole were relieved, but this possible pregnancy shed light on some deeper issues the couple would need to face. A crisis pregnancy reveals what’s at the heart of a person, such as: how they respond, what solutions they seek and how they work together. Not all couples get a second chance when facing an unexpected pregnancy, but Katie and Cole did that day. They got to see how their partner handled the situation and could decide if they wanted to continue their future together.

Even though it seems like fathers don’t have much say when it comes to a pregnancy decision, they have the biggest influence in the life of the mother – and I’m thankful for Cole speaking up for life.

*Names changed for confidentiality


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