Why I Support LO: A Donor’s Perspective

I have been a long time supporter of LO. I first began participating in the annual Baby Bottle Campaign. This was followed by taking part in some of the Walk for Life events. These fundraisers are a great way to get involved with LO.

Over the years, LO has continued to create ways to reach out to the youth of the Lower Yakima Valley and surrounding areas. Lives are being saved and transformed by the services they are providing to these young people. Here are a few examples of those services, and it is why I love being a faithful supporter of Life Options:

Life-Affirming Services

Girls can visit an LO location or the Mobile Unit to find out if they are pregnant. Caring, trained nurses answer any and all questions concerning pregnancy. The nurse may give one of the handheld baby models to a client to hold, as a visual aid, to show the current stage of growth of the baby. And there's the ultrasound machine that provides a live picture of the baby with a viable heartbeat. These tools help the girls to see the reality of the precious life inside their body. The magnitude of their decision whether to keep the baby or not is now very apparent. Because of these tools, babies are being saved, and that's so exciting!

Incentive Program

In continued love and support for the mom-to-be, LO offers parenting classes for the expecting parent(s). Also available to them are baby clothes, diapers, and other baby items the moms will be needing. This is a great support system. It is a win-win for the parent(s) and baby.

After-School Clubs

During the school year, LO offers Girls 180 and Guys 180 Clubs for young people. I know in the Girls 180 Club, the girls have learned such things as how to be a friend, how to respect themselves, and other life principles. These classes help them relate to other people in their social interactions. Girls have even requested help in writing a job resume. I have seen the Girls 180 store, where the girls can redeem points earned by attending the club meetings. It is a wonderful store, nicely displaying different items suited to the desires of the young girls. I've been told the girls are very thankful for the reward store and enjoy it. Good things are happening in these clubs!

Relationship Education

LO has trained volunteers to give relationship education presentations in the public schools. In the presentation, educational materials are used to teach on the subject of sex, abstinence, purity, etc to the students. There is a time provided for students to ask questions of the presenter. These students may be hearing the truth of the material for the first time. At the end of the presentation, some of the students make a "first-time" purity decision while others commit to "a new direction" of purity realizing their past choices were not the best for their life. These presentations are making a difference and are vital to the well being of our youth!

Amazing changes are happening in the lives of today's youth because of the great work being done by LO. These young people are the future of the world. I want to help make a difference in their lives now, as well as future generations, which is why I partner with LO.

Won't you consider how you can support LO's outreach to babies and the youth in the community? There are so many different ways you can be involved. You, too, can make a big difference in people's lives for the better. And that is a worthwhile investment!

~Betty M.

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