Teen Challenges


Many times, women will come back requesting Life Options services because they appreciate the genuine care they received during their first visit. This was true for Giselle,* who returned because she thought she might be pregnant and wanted to confirm her suspicions with a lab quality pregnancy test. Both Giselle and her husband were fine with the idea of having another baby. Our nurse showed Giselle her positive pregnancy test result and recommended she see her doctor to establish OB care.

You might be thinking…great! A couple who’s happy about having a baby, and I agree! It’s a gift to share in their joy about being parents! But here’s where it gets interesting. During her visit with our nurse, Giselle began talking about her teenage daughter, Oralia’s*, recent sports physical. Giselle shared that during Oralia’s appointment, Giselle was asked to leave the room so the doctor could speak to her daughter alone. When the appointment was over, Giselle asked her how it went. Oralia said “The doctor told me I don’t have to tell you what we discussed, but I will anyway.” Oralia informed her mom that the doctor asked about her sexual behavior and asked if she wanted birth control. Oralia continued by telling her mom that she was also informed by the doctor that if she became pregnant and wanted an abortion, she wouldn’t need her parents’ permission to get one.

Giselle was shocked.  She had no idea that her middle-school-aged daughter could obtain birth control or abortion services without her parent’s consent. This led Giselle to ask our nurse what services we can provide for her daughter. Our nurse offered the Real Essentials lessons, which cover the topics of sex & relationships. She also provided some educational brochures with information about STDS and the risks of abortion that Giselle could share with Oralia. Giselle gladly took the information and thanked us for taking the time to talk with her.

Parents have a huge responsibility, and it can be difficult to keep a pulse on everything this generation is facing. Allow us to help! Life Options is equipped with factual information to help parents navigate the delicate but vital topics of sex and risk avoidance. Whether it’s through AWARE presentations in school, Greater Than presentations in church groups or one-on-one classes at our center; we’re here to help you AND your teens achieve the best possible future.

It was an unexpected yet divine appointment with Giselle that day. What a privilege it is for us to have the opportunity to share tips on living an abundant life with the people we serve.   Thank you for making this possible!


*Names changed for confidentiality


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