Turning The Tide

Have you1920x1280 pics to download (5) ever gone swimming in the ocean? Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel to South Carolina and do just that. Although I have childhood memories of similar experiences, I don’t recall being so fearful then. This time, I was very afraid as I considered walking out into the water, knowing I’d be completely exposed to its power and relentless force to pull me in whatever direction it was going. As I stood there, watching my boys jump right in, I knew I had a choice. 1) Allow my fear of the unknown to paralyze my ability to have fun. 2) Embrace the situation with caution by following my logical thoughts: don’t go in over my waist, keep an eye out for rip tides, and do my best not to fall! I chose option 2. The joy and fun I experienced far outweighed the underlying nerves, and now I treasure those memories.

As I considered what to write for this newsletter, FEAR is what came to mind. We, as a nation, have been thrust into ever changing circumstances, which has caused a great deal of fear among us. Like the waves in the ocean, this world moves, turns and pulls us in all different directions, and to a certain extent, we’re at its mercy. Imagine being able to physically turn the tide of the ocean – impossible, right? Now imagine a concrete wall running through the ocean . . . can you see the waves changing and bending around the immovable structure in its path?

I see us as that wall. WE are a force that God has planted to stand together and change the tide of our world. We cannot stop the spread of the virus any more than we can control its power.  But, in unity, we can re-direct the destruction. Instead of spreading fear, let’s spread hope! Instead of criticizing our leaders, let’s pray for them! Instead of complaining about cancelled events, let’s embrace the time we’ve been given!

As it relates to Life Options, we, too, will stay the course and weather the storms together. When fear of unplanned pregnancies, STI’s and broken relationships sweep in to try and pull someone under – we will stand strong! Together, we will turn the tide of broken hearts, broken homes and lost lives to a culture of hope.

“What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” Matt 8:27

Instead of looking at the size of the storm, let’s focus on the ONE who can calm it.

Together for God’s glory,

Melanie Smeenk, CEO

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  1. Thank you for this reminder that we are to not embrace a spirit of fear, but of power (the Holy Spirit’s power), love (God’s love) and a sound mind (Jesus displayed that disciplined mind).

    There have been times when news reports have struck fear in my heart, but then I capture my thoughts & remember WHO is in charge, not the World Health Organization, but Jesus, the lover of my soul. Peace settles down into the core of my being.

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