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Today, instead of sharing a particular story with you, I’d like to give you a peek at what makes serving at Life Options so unique: getting to meet a variety of people who are all very similar yet simultaneously completely different. You might think that meeting with someone who’s facing an unplanned pregnancy is like the saying: “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” But that’s just not the case.

Yes, many of the women we meet have at least a few core things in common, such as not wanting to be pregnant, being unsure of what to do, or not having anyone they can talk to. These are all root concerns that we help women with. We understand the uncertainty that accompanies an unexpected pregnancy. We have educational resources to help them weigh out their decisions and we are a safe place to talk without judgment. I would be bold enough to say, those are the “easy part of our conversations”, because we’re well trained in those areas.

Where it gets really amazing is hearing their life story, being trusted with their secrets and being invited into their lives. These conversations are ALL uncharted…you never know what someone might be going through until you’re allowed to peek in the window of their soul. I know that sounds deep, but seriously, think of the last crisis you went through: who were you willing to talk to about it? Probably someone you trust and know well. It’s an incredibly vulnerable place to be: talking to someone you just met and sharing your deepest fears and concerns about extremely personal situations.

We consider it a great privilege to be the person across the room, listening.

In one week, we met the following women:

  • Jenny*, who was not in a steady relationship, and worried she might be pregnant.
  • Evelyn*, who was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, but didn’t want to have a serious relationship with him.
  • Maria*, who was hoping to be pregnant, and after a couple negative pregnancy tests, finally found out she was pregnant.
  • Yesenia*, who came with her fiancé Jose*. They found out they were expecting, and although they were happy, they didn’t have any actual plans in place for their future together.
  • Anita*, who didn’t want to be pregnant and declined even talking about the father of the baby.

Every one of these women had similar concerns, but they all had their own unique experiences and life stories. They were all on a different level in their relationship with God. But regardless of their situation, they were all treated the same: with open arms of love, compassion and hope.

Each woman who walks through our doors deserves nothing less than what God has shown each of us. Are we, in fact, so different?  They struggle with their own personal level of sin. They’ve made mistakes and desire forgiveness. They want to do the right thing but are confused or scared. They crave a deeper relationship with God. Could any of these be true for you or me?

We are ALL created in God’s image. We are ALL dearly loved. God can forgive ALL our sins. God came to save us ALL.

Thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these women.


*Names changed for confidentiality.

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