Speak for Life

  When couples don’t agree on their pregnancy decisions it can create added stress in the relationship. This was true for Cole and Katie. Cole and Katie came to Life Options requesting an abortion, but it became evident they weren’t … Continued

Planting Seeds

  Tanya had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for almost 2 years when he began showing symptoms of an infection. Shortly after, Tanya also developed symptoms which led her to suspect he hadn’t been faithful in their relationship. … Continued

Powerful Influences

  The friends we choose, play important roles and are often powerful influences in our lives. Thankfully, Ashley* received positive support from her friend, Hannah*. Ashley was in high school when she learned she was pregnant. She had taken a … Continued

It’s Never Too Late

  It’s never too late to make a loving choice. Maribel* walked into Life Options at a time when she had nowhere else to turn. As she walked in our doors, her head was down, and she spoke in almost … Continued

Education is Vital

  No matter what the outcome, education is vital. Tess* came to Life Options with her boyfriend, Brad*, requesting pregnancy testing. Nurse Mindy* met with Tess & Brad to learn about their situation and address their concerns. Tess shared that … Continued

Against All Odds

  Savannah was a teenager, living life to the fullest. She engaged in risky behavior, had multiple sexual partners, and went to her local Planned Parenthood for regular STD testing. She grew up with her adoptive mother, who acted more … Continued

The Value of Education

    Information is valuable. Cindy* walked into our center requesting an ultrasound. In her hand, was a positive pregnancy test verification document from Planned Parenthood. I bet you’re wondering if you read that right; yes, she was referred to … Continued

Past Trauma

  Juana* had experienced hurt in her life that could not be undone, and found herself facing another hard decision that was all too familiar. Juana came to Life Options requesting a pregnancy test, which the nurse read as positive. … Continued

Teen Challenges

  Many times, women will come back requesting Life Options services because they appreciate the genuine care they received during their first visit. This was true for Giselle,* who returned because she thought she might be pregnant and wanted to … Continued

Planting Seeds of Truth

At Life Options, we seize every opportunity to plant seeds full of God’s truth and love in the hearts of those we serve knowing only God can cause the seed to grow and the heart to change. Suzanna* came to … Continued